Classical Curriculum

“Curriculum is the soul of the school” ~ Hillsdale College

Classical Education Supported by Hillsdale College

Welcome to the inaugural chapter of the Heart of Ohio Classical Academy, a pioneering effort of the esteemed network of Hillsdale College Classical K12 charter schools. We are steadfast in our commitment to this classical curriculum that fosters intellectual depth, moral virtue, and exemplary character. A content-rich curriculum stimulates the mind, feeds the hunger to learn, and nourishes the heart.

Embracing the inclusive spirit of tuition-free Ohio community schools, our doors are open to every Ohio child eager to embark on this transformative educational journey. For more information on Hillsdale’s supportive program, visit the Hillsdale K-12 education website to explore our friendship as a member school.

Classical Curriculum is Content-Rich

The curriculum inspired by Hillsdale College complements engaging knowledge acquisition; it’s an embrace of foundational principles that nurture not only informed but virtuous citizens. In the dawn of America’s educational landscape, character formation was the linchpin, integral to the shaping of young minds and souls. Unfortunately, this rich tradition of virtue-based education has diminished over time, leaving a void in our schooling system.

This video shows the profound ethos of classical education, where the holistic development of each student—intellectually, physically, spiritually, and emotionally—is not merely an objective but our passionate mission.

Classical Curriculum is Transparent for Parents to Explore

Our curriculum utilizes the Hillsdale College K-12 Curriculum, a beacon of academic excellence and transparency. We staunchly believe in the empowerment of parental involvement, hence our commitment to full online curriculum visibility. This transparency not only fortifies trust but also enables parents to be proactive partners in their children’s educational journey, enhancing the support students receive both within the academy and at home.

Each classical classroom is teacher-led. Our approach to literacy is rooted in a systematic phonics program, nurturing proficient, confident readers. We embrace the tactile experience of printed books, celebrating the treasury of great literature tailored to each grade. Second graders, for example, will delve into timeless tales like “The Sign of the Beaver,” “Charlotte’s Web,” and “Peter Pan,” alongside the larger-than-life stories of American folklore heroes like Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill. Mathematics education is elevated with the world-acclaimed Singapore Math, and for the sciences, we employ the comprehensive Core Knowledge sequence, laying a solid foundation for future academic and personal growth.

Classical Education Elements

Students at Heart of Ohio Classical Academy master reading and writing in cursive and become adept at diagramming sentences. Art, music, and physical education form the core pillars of our Hillsdale curriculum, integral to developing well-rounded individuals. Take second grade as an example: students actively explore geography through the landscapes of the Mediterranean and America while simultaneously engaging with the roots of ancient Greek democracy and the founding principles of our own Declaration of Independence. By fourth grade, they commence an in-depth study of Greek and Latin roots, which paves the way for an intensive four-year Latin program beginning in sixth grade. Upon reaching sophomore year, students have the choice to either advance their Latin proficiency or embark on a new linguistic journey with a modern language.

Hillsdale Curriculum Nurtures Cultural Literacy

Heart of Ohio Classical Academy, in affiliation with Hillsdale College, proudly emphasizes cultural literacy as a cornerstone of its educational philosophy. Cultural literacy, the in-depth understanding of Western civilization’s history and literature to which we as Americans are heirs, is crucial for preserving and transmitting our traditions to foster a unified society. Cultural literacy isn’t just a subject; it’s an experience woven into the classical curriculum.

In the classical lower school, students begin with a robust overview of history and geography. As they advance to the upper school, they delve into a more demanding study of ancient, European, and American history, coupled with an exploration of moral and political philosophy and an intricate understanding of the U.S. Government. Students engage with our nation’s founding documents in their original form, laying a strong foundation for comprehending the exceptional governance system bestowed upon them.

By the time of graduation, students will not only have read but will also have critically examined texts like Aristotle’s “Nicomachean Ethics,” “The Federalist Papers,” the US Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America,” among other seminal works.

For a detailed view of Hillsdale’s classical curriculum framework, we invite you to explore Hillsdale K-12 Curriculum, where you’ll find a comprehensive scope and sequence of our educational approach, including a year-at-a-glance curriculum overview. Download this Hillsdale curriculum overview document for reference.

“The K-12 Program Guide is unique in offering a comprehensive plan of instruction from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Guided by the liberal arts, the K-12 curriculum follows stages of learning appropriate to students’ development and a spiraling structure that allows for recurrent examination of subjects throughout a student’s career.”

– Hillsdale College

Preliminary Enrollment 

The Heart of Ohio Classical is supporting the launch of tuition-free, public schools in central Ohio. The first school we are supporting will open in the fall of 2024 with grades K-6, adding a grade each year until grade twelve. 

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