Announcement: Dublin Classical Academy

Dublin Classical Academy: Tuition-Free Public School

The Heart of Ohio Classical organization is proud to announce the first tuition-free classical academy in central Ohio. Dublin Classical Academy will open on August 14, 2024 with grades K-6, adding a grade each year until grade 12. 

4650 Lakehurst Ct.
Dublin, OH 43016

Headmaster Jim Hull taught in Dublin Schools for 32 years and is committed to this community.

K-12 Classical Curriculum

Classical schools will receive teacher training and leader support in implementing the best classical curriculum and teaching methods. These classical schools emphasize intellectual rigor, human virtue, character formation, and responsible citizenship, all designed to bring us closer to the “more perfect union” envisioned by our forefathers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a content-rich education that stimulates the mind, feeds the hunger for learning, and nourishes the heart through a fully integrated liberal arts and sciences curriculum that includes instruction in moral character and civic virtue.

  • Content-rich Curriculum
  • Character Formation
  • Teacher-Led Classrooms

Attend an Parent Information Night

Meet the Head of School and learn more about Dublin Classical Academy opening in Fall 2024.

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